Accessories for the ride – Locks

Lock it or lose it! Most cycle theft is the result of an opportunist coming across a bike that is not locked up or secured badly. To avoid this make sure you lock your bike up properly – even when you are just quickly ‘popping into the shop’.

There are many different types of lock available to protect your bike when you are leaving it unattended and the London Cyclist blog has a good guide to choosing the correct lock.
Click here to learn how to keep your bike yours, the do’s and don’ts of locking your bike up as well as some safe storage solutions.

The difficult truth is that if a professional bike thief really wants to steal your bike, they will take it. Any bike lock, no matter how bulky or expensive can be broken into and very few members of the public are going to disturb a maniac wielding a cordless angle grinder.

For true peace of mind, we recommend insuring your beloved bicycle against theft through our insurance partner Fetch.