Beat the train fare rise!

Average rail ticket prices have risen by 3.4% across the UK, in the biggest increase to fares since 2013.

Commuter routes that are now more expensive include Liverpool to Manchester (up £108 to £3,152), Maidenhead to London (up £104 to £3,092) and Elgin to Inverness (up £100 to £2,904). But there is a way you can beat the rise… get on your bike!

Switching to a bike for your journey to work could save you thousands every year!

Cycling is only second to walking as the cheapest form of transport. Check out the Cycle to Work calculator to see just how much you could save.

If the cost of buying a bike is putting you off, don’t forget you can spread the cost over as long as 48 months with Ride it away. Check out our handy finance calcualtor to see how little it could cost to get the bike of your dreams then find your nearest dealer and get cycling!