Buying a bike – What else do I need?

So you’ve found your dream bike, but what else do you need before you can hit the road? Read on to find out…

Cycling safely and securely does require that you need to pick a few things to complement your daily ride and your local bike shop will give you valuable advice about security, protection, visibility and carrying your work gear.

Helmets will provide valuable protection for your head in case of an accident and the phrase ‘be safe, be seen’ is never more relevant than to cyclists and lights and reflective clothing will make you more visible to other road users. If you want to ride in all weathers then breathable and waterproof clothing will get you to work both warm and dry. Bicycles are rich pickings for thieves but a good quality lock will be a very good deterrent. Even better is a combination of locks that interlink. Always lock your bike to a fixed object or bike stand. Again, ask your local bike shop will advise on the best way to secure your bike when unattended.

Of course all of these accessories can be purchased using the Ride it away scheme!