Buying a bike – Where to shop

Over the next few posts we’ll be helping you through the stages of buying a bike. Whether it’s where to buy it from, or what kind of bike you need – we can help.

This week we’ll be looking at where to buy a bike from.

Where to buy a bike?

CyclingExperts_ACT_sticker-#2Unlike national chains, specialist retailers are owner run and managed, with a real passion for cycling running throughout their businesses, delivering true consumer choice, service and knowledge.

There are over 3000 specialist cycle retailers and workshops throughout the UK that make up The Cycling Experts, local specialist cycle shops, which offer a choice of quality products combined with specialist skills and advice to meet all of your needs.

So whether you are looking for a new bicycle, accessories or clothing, a cycle repair, equipment upgrade or simply advice on how to get the most out of your cycling experience, you’ll find one of The Cycling Experts businesses near you.

Most shop owners and staff are cycling experts themselves, keen cyclists who have a great deal of experience, often coupled with qualifications achieved via the industry’s Cytech training and accreditation programme.

The Cycling Experts retailers will normally operate a professional workshop with qualified mechanics and should be your first port of call to get your pride and joy fixed, repaired and fine-tuned.

You are a valued customer to your local cycle shop, not a statistic on the balance sheet. By buying from one of The Cycling Experts retailers you gain access to a local source of knowledge and expertise that you can rely on.

You can find your local bike shop (including Ride it away dealers) via The Cycling Experts find a shop directory.