Get Cycling!

Young Family Parents and Boy Son CyclingWe all know that cycling is good for the environment and even better for our health but when was the last time that you dusted down your bike and went out for a ride?

If you own a bike, chances are the tyres are flat, the chain’s rusty and the brakes need a good service. Cycling is going through a revolution at the moment with people looking for an alternative way to exercise that saves them money, improves fitness and reduces carbon emissions. And those who commute using a bicycle benefit from mood enhancing endorphins released into the bloodstream during the ride. There has never been a better time to get on a bike.

Whilst everybody is having their finances stretched further than ever before getting on your bike will help to keep your hard earned money in your pocket for a little bit longer. Running a motor car means the expense of fuel, parking charges, insurance, road tax and the often forgotten but significant burden of vehicle depreciation. Commuting on public transport is both expensive and usually unreliable. Including depreciation and servicing you should be able to enjoy riding your bike for under £1 per day.

And buying a bike doesn’t have to involve that initial cash outlay that you might imagine. Ride it away is an initiative created with V12 – a specialist cycle finance lender – to help you get in the saddle by spreading the purchase cost of a new bike and accessories with retail finance.

Andy McMorine, Head of Lending Development at V12, says. ‘With everyone’s finances being stretched, we are excited to be able to offer finance facilities to enable customers to make purchases through the Ride it away scheme, enabling people to take up or get back into cycling without the initial cash outlay’.

You can find it in specialist cycle shops nationwide via our Find a Shop facility on the website. Once you’ve found your local Ride it away shop, select the bicycle and accessories of your choice and ride your brand new dream bike away… It couldn’t be simpler!