Goodbye old clunker

Your old bike has had it. You’ve been told it’s no longer practical or economical to get it repaired. All of its components are outdated, heavy and clunky anyway… and it never really fitted quite right. With a modern machine, you could almost definitely have kept up last Sunday… probably could have ridden off the front!

You’ve been to your local specialist bike shops, you’ve read the magazines; you’ve really done your homework! Now you know exactly what you’d like and even where you’d like to buy it from but the price tag just doesn’t seem manageable all in one go. It’ll take ages to save up for and with the summer just poking its head through the clouds, wouldn’t it be great if you could just Ride it away now?

With Ride it away cycle finance, you may be able to do just that! Why miss out on a season’s riding, or make do with a bike that you don’t feel safe or happy on? Ride it away makes it easy for you to visit the specialist bike shop of your choice and ride away with the bicycle, shoes, pedals, clothing, hydration equipment, pump and other accessories of your choice today whilst spreading the cost to make it much more manageable.

Goodbye old clunker, hello open road!

Trek P1 RIA