How to cycle through the winter

It’s getting to that time of year again, where you wake up to dark mornings and are met with darkening skies at 4pm. This couples with cold, wet, icy and even snowy weather makes cycling seem like a chore.

There are ways to combat the challenges that winter throws your way.









Keep your feet warm

There is absolutely nothing worse than wet, icy toes. But, with decent socks and waterproof shoes, or overshoes your feet can stay warm and toasty even in the harshest of weather conditions.

Wear gloves and a hat

Keeping your fingers warm and protected from the cold chills is a life saver. Not only does this make cycling more pleasant but, your hands can still function properly meaning you can break and change gear safely. Covering your ears with a hat makes all the difference to a cycle ride.

Check the weather before you go

We all know that English weather is stubborn and ever changing but, knowing there is a chance of rain means that you can prepare yourself before you go. You don’t ever want to be in the position where you are caught out on the road in a downpour without the right accessories.

Wear lots of thin layers

Of course it is easy to get warm and sweaty while cycling, and yes, even in the winter. So wearing thin layers means that you can take things off and put things on depending on the temperature and how you feel.

Invest in quality waterproofing

Waterproof wear makes all the difference while cycling. We all know how much England likes to rain. Waterproof jackets, gloves and trousers will keep you 100% dry no matter the weather.

Now with these tips you can keep cycling through these next few months unaffected by the weather conditions. You can stay fit and healthy and took after your physical and mental wellbeing.

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