Inspired by Le Grand Départ?

This year, the very grandest of the Grand Tours came to Yorkshire. Hundreds of thousands of spectators lined almost every inch of the roadside as the world’s greatest cycling talent tore through some of the UK’s most iconic countryside in the first three stages of Le Tour de France 2014.

Yorkshire’s Grand Départ inspired many families to dig the bikes out of the shed and rediscover the simple pleasure of a family bike ride. Unfortunately, many people found that the pleasure was not as simple as expected, discovering flat tyres, rusty chains, seized cables and corroded frames, now far too small for their owner, piled up between the lawnmower and the garden rake.

An ideal time for a new bike, you might think! But new bikes for the whole family can be an expensive affair, especially if the kids are getting big enough to require full-sized adult models. Ride it away can make a traditional family bike ride much more affordable. With just a 10% deposit, a family of four could ride away with great quality brand-new bikes as well as all the necessary accessories and safety equipment, for less than £60 a month!

Mum’s bike: £350
Dad’s bike: £350
Son’s bike: £300
Daughter’s bike: £300
Accessories and safety equipment for all: £250
TOTAL: £1550

With a deposit of just £155 the total amount payable is £1549.88. The illustrative cost of borrowing £1395.00 over 24 months at the rate of 0.0% APR representative.

Rediscover the simple pleasure of a family bike ride today, with Ride it away cycle finance.

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