Thinking of buying a bike this Christmas?

With Christmas just days away there are many things to contemplate if you are thinking about sticking a bike under the tree for your child this Christmas.

Whether it’s their first bike or not, take a look at the following tips and recommendations for purchasing the right bike this Christmas

1. Research. Don’t rush into buying a bike, especially if it’s for a child

2. Consider your budget. Christmas is always tough on your wallet but Ride it away finance you could spread the cost of a new bike over the whole year, saving you stress and cash over the festive season. It could also help you to increase your budget and get the bike of their dreams as opposed to just what you can afford on the day.

3. Ensure the bike is a safe size – don’t ever buy a bike for your child to ‘grow into’. Make sure they’re not too far stretched and they can easily reach the controls. Your child must be able to quickly and easily stand over a bike to stop it suddenly

4. Aim for comfort. If the bike is too small or too large it will be awkward to ride and probably end up gathering dust in the garage.

5. Practice makes perfect – falling off the bike will be part of the learning process so think about a safe place

6. Consider the appropriate bike for your child – if it’s their first bike remember stabilisers, or even consider a balance bike for the even younger cyclist in your family.

7. Factor a helmet into your budget and make sure the helmet is firm-fitting yet still comfortable

8. Buy a bike already made up from a reputable retailer (take a look at our shop search). Never buy a bike in a box and attempt to assemble it yourself. This requires the expertise of a knowledgeable bike mechanic. Look out for the Cytech logo at your local shop to ensure the mechanic is qualified.

9. Make cycling fun for your child. Support and encourage them, ensure that it is a positive experience

10. Remember a bike is not just for Christmas – you’ll need to invest in the general upkeep of the bike to make sure it runs smoothly all year round. Take it in to your local shop for regular check ups, especially if it’s been tucked away in the garage all winter.