Why use retail finance?

When shopping for a bike you always get what you pay for. With minimal maintenance, a well-fitted bicycle built from high quality components can be a practical, comfortable and healthy low-cost alternative to a car for commuting and shopping as well as for leisure riding.

Consumers who haven’t ridden a bicycle since childhood often seem shocked at the cost of a quality adult bicycle. Contrary to popular belief, a bicycle can and should be a long term investment. A more expensive bike will not only be more comfortable, lighter and easier to ride, but it will change gears more easily, stop confidently and it will be built from components which are purpose-specific, durable and serviceable. Visit our Find a Retailer page and speak to your local specialist bike retailer to learn more about which bike might be right for you, and how affordable it can be.

Modern sports and leisure bicycles are incredible feats of engineering and are among the most efficient machines ever designed by man. A modern road or mountain bike will often safely withstand hundreds of thousands of miles of use over the most testing terrain. These consumer-level bikes utilise exotic aerospace and F1-grade materials to provide performance that a few short years ago was unattainable to anyone but elite level athletes. This kind of performance is now well within the reach of the average consumer and with Ride it away retail finance you can spread the cost of the cycling equipment you need to unlock your true potential. Visit our Finance Calculator to find out how little your dream bicycle and accessories could cost you each month.